Why this blog?

If you’re reading this, you’re already being bio-reactive!

The amazing world of biology around us is constantly evolving. That’s why you’re on the lookout for up-to-date, cutting edge information about the latest biotechnologies, or maybe seeking some technical tips for your protocols.

In any case, you’re keen to boost your research and make progress in your daily scientific activities.

This curiosity, and the desire to open new doors and explore new areas, is what we define as “being bio-reactive”!

We’re convinced that sharing breaking news in Life Sciences and Biotechnologies, greatly contributes to continuously moving forward… together!

Contact the curators

Philippe Fixe
Philippe Fixe, Ph.D

Marketing Manager tebu-bio
Interested in biomedical research and fan of e-communication


Sara Pierre

Communication Manager

Elodie Monin

Community Manager

Elodie Monin

Jean François Têtu

Sales Manager – Cells and Cells based assays


Nathalie Bervas

Technical Sales Representative– Biomarkers research & Immunological Tools


Ana Arraztio

Sales Manager – Antibodies


Mark Livingstone

Sales Manager – Molecular Biology

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